Frequently asked questions



Q. How can I check the battery levels?

A. Once switched on, the four indicators on top of the Unibank represent battery life in 25% increments, combine Unibank with the app to get a displayed battery level breakdown.


Q. Can I use the Unibank in cold temperatures?

A. It is recommended that any power bank is operated between -5 to 45C.


Q. What is the best practice when charging the Unibank?

A. The Unibank can be charged via its pullcord of a USB cable. We recommend charging the Unibank via USB at least once every 2-3 months to avoid complete battery depletion.

Ambient Light


Q. Will the bulb work with any other charging sources?

A. No, it will only function while connected to the Unibank.


Q. How many colour variances can you save on the app?

A. You can have as many as you like.


Q. How long will the light bulb last?

A. LED bulbs should last at least 20,000 hours.

Laser Line Distance Measure


Q. What is the difference between a range finder and a laser distance measure?

A. A range finder is commonly used in cases of long distances up to 1,000m, whereas, a laser measure is commonly used for shorter measurements, where accuracy is paramount.


Q. Who would commonly use a laser line distance measure?

A. Estate agents, Contractors, Plumbers, Window Installers, and many more.


Q. How do I attach the stand?

A. The stand screws to the underside of the Unibank which can be positioned to your desired angle for precise accuracy.

Panic Alarm


Q. What happens if I press the two buttons accidentally?

A. By pressing the buttons, it will send off a text to your specified recipients. If this is an accident, then you must inform them that this is not an emergency.

Q. Is the alarm only designed for care workers?

A. No, panic alarm can provide an extra level of security to anyone who may be in a vulnerable position


Bluetooth Speaker


Q. How do I pair the speaker to my device?

A. For secure, simple pairing to the Bluetooth speaker, connect via the settings on your device.


Q. How do I control the Bluetooth speaker volume?

A. You can do this in the Unibank app or the volume control setting on your phone. The app also offers a bass boost volume control.


Q. How long will the Bluetooth Speaker play music for?

A. This can depend on several variables; the type of device paired, type of music and volume. You can see estimates of music playing time in the Unibank app. If the Unibank is used to play music on the radio it will last up to 33 hours.

Body Clip & Arm Strap

Q. Who would use the body clip & arm strap?

A. Builders, construction engineers, railway engineers, maintenance teams, back packers, adventurists and many more.


Q. Can the arm strap be adjusted to fit over high visibility/PPE jackets?

A. Yes, the length can be adjusted via hook and loop to fit over bulky clothing

Protective Silicone Jacket

Q. How many colours are available for the protective silicone jacket?

A. Initially the protective silicone jacket is available in purple and yellow at launch, with more colours to follow.

Q. Can I still charge the Unibank™ via the pull cord with the silicone jacket on?

A. Yes, the jacket does not inhibit you from pulling the cord.

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